1. Purchasing commercial license does not transfer the copyright to you. The copyright remain and belong to Owlie Powlie.

2. This license is for small business and not for mass production. By this means if you are a wholesaler and produce more than 10.000 copy of any products you will need to upgrade this license, please contact me for more details on extended commercial license

4. Commercial Credit Required.
Please add credit line on your product, with clickable link when possible.
- Illustration/Clipart by

What You CAN do :
1. You may use this elements to create printed products for sale
(eg. PRINTED cards, stickers, t'shirt, stationary, invites, toppers etc.)

2. You may use this elements to create tangible products for sale
(eg. jewelry, buttons, keychain etc.)

3. You may use this elements to create custom banners and avatars for sale.

4. You may use this elements for online print on demand services such as Zazzle, Cafepress, Redbubble.

5. You may use this elements as a part of a website, web template, blog.
The elements must be flattened and not downloadable for share.

6. You may use this elements as part of Digital cards or invitation you may sell as a digital invitation as long as it is sold as a JPEG or PDF flattened file.
designs cannot be on white background as is, it has to be blended with other elements and not extractable.
digital invitation should be fully customized/personalized before sending to customer.
You cannot sell as blank digital cards or digital invitation templates.
(other digital forms as party circles, labels, stickers etc are not allowed)

7. You can use this clipart for your classroom and for your educational material. If you want to use these cliparts for please add a credential link with clickable link in your worksheet description. - Illustration/Clipart by

What You CANNOT do :
1. You cannot repackage and/ or re-sell these elements as part of a clip art set, digital element kit, designer resource tools, digital scrapbooking kit or anything else of that nature. This also means you cannot add these elements into a CD collection for sell.

2. You cannot re-sell this elements as digital product thus digital collage sheet, digital stationary, digital embroidery (digitized embroidery) or anything downloadable that are not mentioned above, are not acceptable.

3. You cannot distribute, transfer, share or give away these elements.